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Modern Communists and Socialists: A Movement of Fraud

This list explains some of the psychological motives behind the neo-socialist/communist motives as well as identifies some major sub movements within the socialist/communist movements as well as the thinking, and fallacies, behind these movements.

The Poser Commie Movement:  

Possibly accounting for over 90% of the people who claim to be socialists or communists, the poser commie movement is typically followed by those of younger age groups. Most who follow this movement tend to adopt socialism for the sole purpose of social deviance and protest of society’s values. In other words, they hear that communism conflicts with freedom, morality, and other mainstream societal values so they claim to be communists to protest exactly such. Poser commie followers rarely demonstrate any actual knowledge themselves of the communist and socialist philosophy, though openly claiming to endorse the philosophy. The poser commie movement is not one of true socialism as it adopts only a title of “socialism” with limited and extremely shallow substance behind it. This movement’s motives tend to be limited to a mentality that communism and socialism are against what America stands for and what society teaches one to stand for and therefore must “cool.”  Based almost entirely on a desire to find a method to “defy” and “protest” freedom and democracy with a seemingly obvious opposition to it, poser communism is little more than a following of fraudulent foolishness.

Socialist and Communist Ideologue Movement: 

Typically comprised of those who have extensively studied Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky’s writings (and often little more), this movement rarely acknowledges the dismal failures of the communist and socialist philosophies when instituted in practice. Often claiming “True communism has never really been instituted” and insisting that if it were, it would work, the ideologue movement often follows utopian dreams rather than recognizing the flaws of reality.  Numerous ideologue web sites promising a better society while claiming to sympathize with the workers in an effort to make everything fair and just have sprung up recently with links to this movement. This ideologue movement is often too deluded to realize flaws exist in the socialist and communist theory and therefore it speaks of a utopia physically unattainable due to inherent flaws and simple impossibility. This highly dogmatic ideologue movement often propagandizes communism and socialism with the writings of Upton Sinclair, John Steinbeck, and Leon Trotsky while trying to force this type of thought on others.

Demagogue Movement: 

This small movement is mostly limited to those who seek to use communism and socialism as a facade for achieving power. Many of histories great communist dictators such as Stalin and Castro are perfect examples of demagogues. Quoting communist theories while working their way to power behind the scenes, demagogues often prove extremely tyrannical when finally on top. The demagogue movement is in its own right an uninvited and unwanted branch of communism/socialism that draws to the theory inevitably for communism and socialism often entail wide, unchecked power consolidated in a very defined few plus a resulting need to encroach upon freedom and liberty, as is inherently necessary for implementation of communist and socialist systems.

Old Guard Communist Movement: 

The Old Guard Communist Movement is typically a reactionary one comprised of Soviet Union leftovers. Endorsing a return to old Soviet way, though in reality that way was a disastrous failure, as a solution to transition problems in the economies of former Soviet states has become a rallying cry for the Old Guard Movement.


Communists and socialists will often tell you that capitalism “kills” the poor.  Statistically, though, it is communism that is the cause of the greatest massacre in the history of the world.  This results from starvation due to failed central economies, political killings of those defiant of the system, and killings due to the abuse of power and tyranny inherent and encouraged by an unchecked system.  Approximately 100 MILLION deaths by direct murder worldwide can be traced to socialism/communism. 

Soviet Union: between 20 and 50 million were put to death at the hands of this evil empire. (some estimates exceed upward of 50 million. As people were sent to camps, the Soviets often deleted all records of that persons existence making exact totals hard to find)  Intentional starvings and man made famines were a major killer in the USSR.  Worse were the gulag concentration camps (the Soviet equal to Hitler’s concentration camps). At one point in 1940 Stalin held over 10 million people in the gulag camps. Enemies of the government were enslaved here then worked and tortured to death. Others were lined up in forests, shot, and buried in unmarked graves. In one Polish site from Stalin’s occupation of Poland after treaty with Hitler in 1940, almost 5 thousand captured Polish POW’s were lined up and shot at one time. Other cases involved 10 to 15 thousand being lined up and shot.  The majority of these killings took place under Stalin’s regime, often referred to as a “reign of terror.” Stalin is estimated to have put 20% of Russia’s population to death. 

Cambodia: Under the Kmehr Rouge and regime of Pol Pot in the 1970’s, one of the most extreme forms of communism ever was attempted. 2 million were massacred in killing fields in attempts to move toward this “equal form of communism.” The reason behind these massacres came from an attempt to build an “equal” society though the only equality which resulted was death.  Those who had distinguishing differences from the government’s planned economy of farmers were murdered. Scientists, doctors, laborers, and teachers with non-agricultural professions were targeted and murdered because they differed from the agricultural profession and created inequalities in jobs. Pol Pot murdered an estimated one fourth of the population of Cambodia

China: Mao Tse-Tung’s “Great Step Forward” is widely known as the greatest disaster in attempt of a centralized economy. Countless millions were murdered and starved to death in China during this period. China also established a series of gulag concentration camps under Mao, complete with slave labor employing over 10 million people on numerous occasions. In fact, China still employs widespread forced labor today. Estimates on China suggest the total to be about 40 million dead. 

Vietnam: Though the totals on Vietnam are unknown due to poor record keeping and the fact that Vietnam remains communist today, several hundred thousands were murdered in Stalinist fashion of execution and slave labor camps. 

Others: other death tolls caused by communism by failed schemes in communist China and other communist countries add to the count as do the political prisoners of communism: many who only dared to think freely and differently from the government. Tito’s Yugoslavia has estimates of around 1 million deaths to its credit. Mass murders occurred under the communist/socialist regimes of Fidel Castro in Cuba, Kim Il Sung’s North Korea, Sandinista’s in Nicaragua, Laos, and Ethiopia. In many of these places we will never know the extent of death caused as a DIRECT result of communism and socialism.

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White Women Flying Around the World to Have Sex with Blacks are Bringing HIV-AIDS Back to the UK

Numbers of people who have acquired HIV AIDS through heterosexual sex in the UK has risen dramatically and is expect to continue, experts have warned.

UK infections have increased from 1,950 in 2001 to over 4,000 in 2011, more than double. Then in 2012, a worrying 6390. It is estimated that in 2013 this number was close to 8000. However the number of new diagnoses among people born in Africa has dropped from 35 per cent of total diagnoses in 2011, to 29 per cent in 2012 and Research from Taylor Nelson Sofres Healthcare, the TNSH shows that 54% of all HIV infections in the UK are from heterosexual sex.

So why a sudden increase in HIV prevalence amongst white British heterosexuals? The vast majority of heterosexual women diagnosed with HIV in the UK are infected abroad and David Sykes of HIVNow UK believes it is largely due to female sex tourism “The numbers of western women travelling to lesser developed countries to have sex with the local men has risen dramatically in the past few years.”

“Unfortunately the most popular sex tourist destinations appear to be areas with severe HIV AIDS issues” he continues “These women have unprotected sex with men in Africa then come home and give it to their husbands.”

“I came across a case recently where a married man and woman were both infected by HIV along with their two young children. Upon investigation it was revealed the woman had taken part in a humanitarian trip eight years earlier in sub Saharan Africa, having unprotected vaginal and anal sex with local men – infecting her husband a year later then subsequently infecting her two children through breast feeding.”

Popular female sex tourism destinations include the Caribbean, particularly Barbados and Jamaica and African countries such as Gambia, Senegal and Kenya.

Guardian writer Julie Bindel speculated in an article that HIV infection figures suggest that condom use by the “beach boys” in the Caribbean region may be sporadic, yet female sex tourists do not appear at all preoccupied by the potential risks. Many women thinking that HIV is something that only happens to gay men and that given the unusual atmosphere and excitement of sex with an exotic man, condoms are rarely used or discussed before intercourse – and if anything are discouraged by western women.


Predator Raped Frightened Schoolgirl

Race & Crime UK

A ‘PREDATORY’ attacker who raped a frightened schoolgirl and later sexually assaulted the victim, has been jailed for 34 months.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Abdul Basit, now 22, and who carried out the rape on the teenager when he was about 17, left his victim shocked, distraught and sobbing. She was to tell the police she had been attacked in the early hours and described the defendant as ‘stinking of booze’.

The hearing was told Basit, said to have a drink problem, has been served with ‘more than one abduction notice’ relating to girls under 16.

Prosecutor Lisa Worsley said: “He has even been watched by one of the teams in the area which look after young girls likely to get targeted by predatory adult males.”

Basit, from Burnley, but of no fixed address, had admitted rape and sexual assault.

He was ordered to sign the sexual offenders register and was given a 10-year sexual offences prevention order.

Miss Worsley told the court the defendant was interviewed about the rape on January 30. He denied he had done it and claimed the victim was making up the allegation simply to seek attention.

When questioned over the second offence, in which he made the victim touch him, Basit denied sexual assault.

He was charged in March. The defendant had 11 previous convictions for 15 offences, including a record for violence.

Andrew Nuttall, defending Basit, said: “He finds it difficult, for understandable reasons, to talk about it. He’s ashamed of it, of that there is no doubt.

“Fundamentally, he is fully aware of what he has done and fundamentally, he is fully aware that effectively, it has ruined his life. He realised the best thing is to hold his hand up and say he has done this and say, in a sense, he needs some help.”

The barrister continued: “He presents as a rather sad individual. He is somewhat cowed by the circumstances he finds himself in.”

Mr Nuttall said Basit was fully aware of the impact on the victim and that she would have been frightened.

Sentencing, Judge Andrew Woolman told Basit his pre-sentence report showed some disturbing attitudes that he seemed to have.

He said: “The police are concerned about what you might do next and, to some extent, this court shares those concerns.”

The judge added: “Had you been older when you committed the offence of rape, the sentence would have been much longer.”

Jamaican Child-Killer Cannot be Deported Because He is a Homosexual

An illegal immigrant who stabbed a 15-year-old  schoolboy to death less than a year after arriving in Britain cannot be deported because he claims to be gay, judges ruled yesterday.

The schoolboy-killer has already had his identity protected to ensure he doesn’t receive any street justice.

The 29-year-old Jamaican was jailed for life aged 16 when he and another schoolboy knifed Abdul Maye to death over a £10 debt outside his school in east London.

A judge at the Old Bailey ordered that he be kicked out of Britain once he had served a minimum of eight years.

Judge Paul Focke told the thug, who cannot not be named for legal reasons: ‘You are a Jamaican national and within months of coming to this country you committed murder.

‘I am of the view that your continued presence in this country will be detrimental to its citizens.’

But yesterday, the Court of Appeal ruled that he could not be sent back to Jamaica because he could face degrading treatment for being homosexual that would breach his human rights.

In an extraordinary judgment which has provoked outrage, Lord Justice Kay said he believed his mother’s evidence that he was  gay – even though the Home Office said he ‘had made no mention of it’ until his first appeal against deportation failed.

The decision is expected to infuriate Home Secretary Theresa May, who has battled to send him home since he was released from prison in 2012.

The judge referred to Article Three in the Human Rights Act, which protects an individual from inhuman or degrading treatment.

Douglas Carswell, Tory MP for Clacton, said: ‘Most people would think this is outrageous. It’s a gross distortion of the concept of justice.

‘Until we have freed ourselves from the European Convention on Human Rights, these sorts of basket-case decisions will carry on happening thick and fast.’

Peter Bone, Tory MP for Wellingborough, said: ‘Whether or not this man is sent back should be entirely at the discretion of British courts.

‘The idea that his human rights should have any impact whatever when he has come in to this country illegally in the first place to murder someone is absurd.

‘When it comes to murderers, courts should have the absolute right to sentence people for as long as they want, or to send them home immediately after.’

The murderer, referred to only as JR, arrived in the UK in December 2000 when he was 15 on a temporary visa to visit his  mother.

An application for leave to stay longer was refused, but the yob remained in the country anyway.

And less than a year later he and a 14-year-old stabbed a fellow schoolboy to ‘save face’ after he humiliated them by refusing to pay a £10 debt – a payment which he owed them for cannabis.

The Old Bailey heard JR, who only has an IQ of 63 – putting him in the lowest two per cent of the population – knifed Abdul in front of his horrified classmates outside Little Ilford Comprehensive School in Manor Park after the victim had just finished a mock GCSE exam on December 7, 2001.

In the weeks beforehand, the schoolboys had threatened to ‘chop’ or ‘stab’ the victim and the Jamaican sprayed him and a friend with CS gas.

The pair were jailed for life in September 2002 and told to serve a minimum of eight years and two months. But this was reduced on appeal to six years and two months with the deportation recommendation set aside.

However, the Secretary of State ordered JR’s deportation in 2009.

BRISTOL: Illegal Mexican Killed Pregnant Girlfriend Before Raping Her Corpse

An illegal immigrant, high on drugs, throttled his girlfriend – and then raped her as she lay dying in her Bristol home.

Sergio Novarette had repeatedly attacked Sarah O’Neill over a period of months after she let him move in to her house in Speedwell, Bristol Crown Court heard.

The 22-year-old mother-of-one also miscarried as she died in a pool of blood.

Novarette, 27, admitting violently killing her in the middle of the night after she told him to leave her home on January 8.

He was living in the UK illegally after coming to the country from Mexico in December 2012 and had a long history of alcoholism.

Sarah had taken him in last year, as he was unable to earn money legally.

But he had slowly turned on her, lashing out several times before eventually killing her.

Sarah died from her injuries, and the court heard how Novarette had sex with her either at the time of death or shortly afterwards, before leaving her body in the bedroom.

He had taken horse tranquilliser Ketamine and only called police the following morning, when still under the influence of the drug.

Sarah’s brother looked on in court as Novarette was sent down for a minimum of 26 years by Mr Justice Blake.

Adam Vaitilingam, prosecuting, said: “The defendant arrived in the UK around New Year 2013. By the time of the death of Sarah O’Neill he had become an overstayer.

“He had met Sarah at the Bearpit in the middle of 2013. He began a sexual relationship with her, and moved into her flat.

“There is evidence of violence within the relationship, and one neighbour said she called round to the flat to see Sarah last year, and found that she had been crying and had red marks around her throat.

“Sarah also told a friend that the defendant would have sex with her even when she told him no.”

The court heard that Sarah, who had been living in Rose Green Close since June 2011 and had a 21-month-old son by an ex partner, fell pregnant again by Novarette in the later months of 2013.

She had met him earlier in the year and taken him into her flat, and Novarette was completely dependent on her for shelter and food.

“Sarah’s last text message was to her friend, saying that the defendant was leaving in the morning.”

But instead of leaving, Novarette beat her around the face and choked her, leaving her lying nearly naked on her bloodied bed.

He wrote in Spanish in red pen on the headboard: “Die bitch.”

An examination of her body found she had fractures to her face suggesting multiple forced blows. A further examination suggested the defendant had sex with her either as she was dying or shortly afterwards.

She died of a combination choking on her own blood and neck compression.

Novarette was drunk at the time of the murder, and was still heavily intoxicated when he called the police the next morning and told them he had killed his girlfriend.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, Sarah’s mother Vivian O’Neill said: “At a time like this words are hard to find. We are heartbroken and devastated at the loss of Sarah.

Vivian also described how she was unable to live a normal life after the murder, and how she was unable to look after her own elderly parents.

Speaking after the court hearing, Detective Inspector Julie Mackay said: “The attack on Sarah was a savage one which left her with horrific injuries. It was the worst kind of betrayal from a man who out of kindness she continued to allow to share her home despite them recently separating.

“Sarah’s murder has torn her family apart and I know that it will take them a long, long time to adjust to a life without Sarah in it. I hope that the significant sentence handed to Novarette gives them some comfort and helps them to continue rebuilding their lives.”

UK father of son committing genocide in Syria argues it was ‘for a just cause’

His son has gone to Syria to commit genocide of a people he considers to be kafirs. And this is a good thing, according to his father. Assad is not bombing some random people in his country. This is a typical Sunni propaganda. Nearly all of the fighters in Syria are foreign Muslims, and most of them from Saudi Arabia. What are they doing in Syria in the first place? They are invaders.

When is the British government going to wake up and remove all of these savages from their country? This is an extremist family and should not be kept in the country. Or do they prefer to be complicit to genocide of non-Sunni Muslims, which is exactly what the war in Syria is about. It’s about the battle of a Sunni Salafi only stronghold through the entire middle east to create a huge, singular Caliph who will then spread in all directions to expand its empire.


Abdullah Deghayes killed in Syria conflict: My son the martyr, by father of British teenager

18-year-old died for a just cause, says Abubaker Deghayes, whose 20-year-old son was also wounded

Charlie Cooper, Jack Simpson

Friday 18 April 2014, The Independent

The father of an 18-year-old Brighton man killed while fighting alongside his brothers with rebel forces in Syria has said his son was “a martyr” who died “for a just cause”.

Abdullah Deghayes, who left the UK for Syria with his 16-year-old brother Jaffar in January, is thought to have been killed in combat within the past few weeks, shortly after his 18th birthday. His older brother, Amer, 20, who is understood to have gone to fight in Syria after joining an aid convoy to the region last year, has also been wounded, the boys’ father Abubaker Deghayes said.

Mr Deghayes said that the brothers had gone to Syria “of their own free will” without the consent of their parents, but had not been in contact with any groups encouraging young Muslims to fight in Syria.

Yesterday, the brothers’ aunt told of how their mother had been “distraught” to discover that Abdullah and Jaffar had gone missing, later discovering that their passports were gone.

“They are in contact with their mum,” Amani Deghayes told The Independent. “Their dad says he has tried speaking to them, that he would tie them up and bring them back if he could.”

Abdullah is the nephew of former Guantanomo Bay detainee Omar Deghayes, but Ms Deghayes said that though the brothers’ decision to go to Syria had not been influenced by him but was “a symptom the current times”.

Speaking outside his home in Brighton yesterday their father said he had “never encouraged” his sons to go and fight but felt “some comfort” knowing Abdullah had fought for a “just cause”.

“The cause is to help those who are being bombed daily by Assad and killed by his bombings and air raids and soldiers for nothing except to ask for their freedom,” he said. “I hope this was his intention, I hope he is rewarded and I hope he is in peace now.”

Friends of Abdullah, who also has a twin brother, a younger brother and an older sister, reacted with shock at the news, with several posting messages on Facebook and Twitter. Ms Amani said that Abdullah had been a “charming, and very spirited” boy who had never appeared have been overtly “political”.

Abdullah Deghayes is believed to have been killed earlier this month
Abdullah Deghayes is believed to have been killed earlier this month. [good riddance!]

“The twins were really into exercise, and bodybuilding, and eating healthily,” she said. “I remember they didn’t want to eat any chocolate, they were so worried about their diet…He wasn’t really a political boy. The twins were always very cheeky….I was really shocked [to hear they had gone to Syria]. He was really fun-loving, social, he had lots of friends.”

She said that Abdullah’s brother Amer, who was the first of the brothers to fight in Syria, had first gone to Turkey with an aid convoy in September. “Amer was really into his gym and building his muscles. The next thing I knew he was getting involved in serious stuff in Syria.”

Amer is understood to have suffered a bullet wound in the stomach in the same battle in which Abdullah was killed. Although the brothers were said to have been in touch with their parents via Facebook, his current condition was not clear yesterday, but their father said that the youngest brother fighting in Syria, 16-year-old Jaffar, was “ok”.

In total, it is believed that 400 British nationals have travelled to Syria since conflict broke out in early 2011, and of these 400, it is estimated 20 have died so far.

Omar Deghayes, who is currently in Tripoli, said he had only heard one eyewitness account of what happened to Abdullah.

He said: “Abdullah Deghayes was a young man full of life, he had a bright future ahead, he was just like any 18-year-old, but his heart was different.

“He couldn’t sit still watching the news of the gross injustice taking place in Syria.

The Foreign Secretary William Hague yesterday reiterated warnings to British citizens not to travel to Syria and said fighters returning to the UK were an “increasing threat to our own national security”.

“Where we are aware of people proposing to travel to Syria we can take action about it, including depriving people of their passports, including if they are people who are resident in the UK but not British nationals, the Home Secretary can cancel their leave to remain in the UK,” he said.

Police hunt in Mirfield after attempted abduction of 12-year-old girl

Race & Crime UK

Police in West Yorkshire are hunting a vile sexual deviant who tried to drag a 12 year old girl into his car in Mirfield. No prizes for guessing the abductors description……yes you guessed it….described as ‘Asian’. Reading the rest of the description of the attacker = short hair cropped on the sides with a short black beard and side burns. Using the description ‘Asian’ is disrespectful to all the non Muslim Asian people as the nonce is certainly a Muslim like 99 % of the other sex offenders described as ‘Asian’ committing rape jihad across the UK. - Kafir Crusader

Now police have launched a major investigation in Mirfield into the attempted abduction.

And they have stepped up patrols in the town at the start of the school Easter holidays.

Police are appealing for witnesses following the incident which happened on Saturday evening.

Kirklees CID would like speak to anyone who has information about the incident in which a young girl was approached by a man in Greenside Road.

It took place at about 8.20pm after a silver car pulled up alongside the 12-year-old girl.

The driver asked the girl for directions but is then reported to have asked her to get in the car and grabbed at her arm. She pushed him away and ran off.

The vehicle was described as a grey or dark silver 5-door hatchback and its driver was described as an Asian male in his 30’s or 40’s. He had short hair cropped on the sides with a short black beard and side burns.

Det Sgt Neil King, of Kirklees CID, said: “We have been conducting extensive enquiries into this incident including an information seek in the local area, and are appealing for information.

“This remains an isolated report and I would like to speak to anyone who may have seen this incident or have any information which may assist us.

“I want to reassure residents that Neighbourhood Policing Team patrols have been stepped up in this part of Mirfield and we are doing all we can to investigate to determine the full circumstances of what took place.

“Anyone who can assist is asked to contact Dewsbury CID on 101 or CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Leaderless Resistance by Louis Beam

The concept of Leaderless Resistance was proposed by Col. Ulius Louis Amoss, who was the founder of International Service of Information Incorporated, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Col. Amoss died more than fifteen years ago, but during his life was a tireless opponent of communism, as well as a skilled Intelligence Officer. Col. Amoss first wrote of Leaderless Resistance on April 17, 1962. His theories of organization were primarily directed against the threat of eventual Communist take-over in the United States. The present writer, with the benefit of having lived many years beyond Col. Amoss, has taken his theories and expounded upon them. Col. Amoss feared the Communists. This author fears the federal government. Communism now represents a threat to no one in the United States, while federal tyranny represents a threat to everyone . The writer has joyfully lived long enough to see the dying breaths of communism, but may, unhappily, remain long enough to see the last grasps of freedom in America.

In the hope that, somehow, America can still produce the brave sons and daughters necessary to fight off ever increasing persecution and oppression, this essay is offered. Frankly, it is too close to call at this point. Those who love liberty, and believe in freedom enough to fight for it are rare today, but within the bosom of every once great nation, there remains secreted, the pearls of former greatness. They are there. I have looked into their sparking eyes; sharing a brief moment in time with them as I passed through this life. Relished their friendship, endured their pain, and they mine. We are a band of brothers, native to the soil gaining strength one from another as we have rushed head long into a battle that all the weaker, timid men, say we can not win. Perhaps…but then again, perhaps we can. It’s not over till the last freedom fighter is buried or imprisoned, or the same happens to those who would destroy their freedom.

Barring any cataclysmic events, the struggle will yet go on for years. The passage of time will make it clear to even the more slow among us that the government is the foremost threat to the life, and liberty of the folk. The government will no doubt make today’s oppressiveness look like grade school work compared to what they have planned in the future. Meanwhile, there are those of us who continue to hope that somehow the few can do what the many have not. We are cognizant that before things get better they will certainly get worse as government shows a willingness to use ever more severe police state measures against dissidents. This changing situation makes it clear that those who oppose state repression must be prepared to alter, adapt, and modify their behavior, strategy, and tactics as circumstances warrant. Failure to consider new methods and implement them as necessary will make the government’s efforts at suppression uncomplicated. It is the duty of every patriot to make the tyrant’s life miserable. When one fails to do so he not only fails himself, but his people.

With this in mind, current methods of resistance to tyranny employed by those who love our race, culture, and heritage must pass a litmus test of soundness. Methods must be objectively measured as to their effectiveness, as well as to whether they make the government’s intention of repression more possible or more difficult. Those not working to aid our objectives must be discarded or the government benefits from our failure to do so.

As honest men who have banded together into groups or associations of a political or religious nature are falsely labeled “domestic terrorists” or “cultists” and suppressed, it will become necessary to consider other methods of organization—or as the case may very well call for: non-organization. One should keep in mind that it is not in the government’s interest to eliminate all groups. Some few must remain in order to perpetuate the smoke and mirrors vision for the masses that America is a “free democratic country” where dissent is allowed. Most organizations, however, that possess the potential for effective resistance will not be allowed to continue. Anyone who is so naive as to believe the most powerful government on earth will not crush any who pose a real threat to that power, should not be active, but rather, at home studying political history.

The question as to who is to be left alone and who is not, will be answered by how groups and individuals deal with several factors such as: avoidance of conspiracy plots, rejection of feeble minded malcontents, insistence upon quality of the participants, avoidance of all contact with the front men for the federals—the news media—and, finally, camouflage (which can be defined as the ability to blend in the public’s eye the more committed groups of resistance with mainstream “kosher” associations that are generally seen as harmless.) Primarily though, whether any organization is allowed to continue in the future will be a matter of how big a threat a group represents. Not a threat in terms of armed might or political ability, for there is none of either for the present, but rather, threat in terms of potentiality. It is potential the federals fear most. Whether that potential exists in an individual or group is incidental. The federals measure potential threat in terms of what might happen given a situation conducive to action on the part of a restive organization or individual. Accurate intelligence gathering allows them to assess the potential. Showing one’s hand before the bets are made, is a sure way to loose.

The movement for freedom is rapidly approaching the point where for many people, the option of belonging to a group will be nonexistent. For others, group membership will be a viable option for only the immediate future. Eventually, and perhaps much sooner than most believe possible, the price paid for membership will exceed any perceived benefit. But for now, some of the groups that do exist often serve a useful purpose either for the newcomer who can be indoctrinated into the ideology of the struggle, or for generating positive propaganda to reach potential freedom fighters. It is sure that, for the most part, this struggle is rapidly becoming a matter of individual action, each of its participants making a private decision in the quietness of his heart to resist: to resist by any means necessary. It is hard to know what others will do, for no man truly knows another man’s heart. It is enough to know what one himself will do. A great teacher once said “know thyself.” Few men really do, but let each of us, promise ourselves, not to go quietly to the fate our would-be masters have planned.

The concept of Leaderless Resistance is nothing less than a fundamental departure in theories of organization. The orthodox scheme of organization is diagrammatically represented by the pyramid, with the mass at the bottom and the leader at the top. This fundamental of organization is to be seen not only in armies, which are of course, the best illustration of the pyramid structure, with the mass of soldiery, the privates, at the bottom responsible to corporals who are in turn responsible to sergeants, and so on up the entire chain of command to the generals at the top. But the same structure is seen in corporations, ladies’ garden clubs and in our political system itself. This orthodox “pyramid” scheme of organization is to be seen basically in all existing political, social and religious structures in the world today from the Federal government to the Roman Catholic Church. The Constitution of the United States, in the wisdom of the Founders, tried to sublimate the essential dictatorial nature of pyramidal organization by dividing authority into three: executive, legislative and judicial. But the pyramid remains essentially untouched.

This scheme of organization, the pyramid, is however, not only useless, but extremely dangerous for the participants when it is utilized in a resistance movement against state tyranny. Especially is this so in technologically advanced societies where electronic surveillance can often penetrate the structure revealing its chain of command. Experience has revealed over and over again that anti-state, political organizations utilizing this method of command and control are easy prey for government infiltration, entrapment, and destruction of the personnel involved. This has been seen repeatedly in the United States where pro-government infiltrators or agent provocateurs weasel their way into patriotic groups and destroy them from within.

In the pyramid type of organization, an infiltrator can destroy anything which is beneath his level of infiltration and often those above him as well. If the traitor has infiltrated at the top, then the entire organization from the top down is compromised and may be traduced at will.

An alternative to the pyramid type of organization is the cell system. In the past, many political groups (both right and left) have used the cell system to further their objectives. Two examples will suffice. During the American Revolution “committees of correspondence” were formed throughout the Thirteen colonies.

Their purpose was to subvert the government and thereby aid the cause of independence. The “Sons of Liberty”, who made a name for themselves dumping government taxed tea into the harbor at Boston, were the action arm of the committees of correspondence. Each committee was a secret cell that operated totally independently of the other cells. Information on the government was passed from committee to committee, from colony to colony, and then acted upon on a local basis. Yet even in these bygone days of poor communication, of weeks to months for a letter to be delivered, the committees without any central direction whatsoever, were remarkable similar in tactics employed to resist government tyranny. It was, as the first American patriots knew, totally unnecessary for anyone to give an order for anything. Information was made available to each committee, and each committee acted as it saw fit. A recent example of the cell system taken from the left wing of politics are the Communists. The Communist, in order to get around the obvious problems involved in pyramidal organization, developed to an art the cell system. They had numerous independent cells which operated completely isolated from one another and particularly with no knowledge of each other, but were orchestrated together by a central headquarters. For instance, during World War II, in Washington, it is known that there were at least six secret Communist cells operating at high levels in the United States government (plus all the open Communists who were protected and promoted by President Roosevelt), however, only one of the cells was rooted out and destroyed. How many more actually were operating no one can say for sure.

The Communist cells which operated in the U.S until late 1991 under Soviet control could have at their command a leader, who held a social position which appeared to be very lowly. He could be, for example, a busboy in a restaurant, but in reality a colonel or a general in the Soviet Secret Service, the KGB. Under him could be a number of cells and a person active in one cell would almost never have knowledge of individuals who are active in another cell. The value of this is that while any one cell can be infiltrated, exposed or destroyed, such action will have no effect on the other cells; in fact, the members of the other cells will be supporting that cell which is under attack and ordinarily would lend very strong support to it in many ways. This is at least part of the reason, no doubt, that whenever in the past Communists were attacked in this country, support for them sprang up in many unexpected places.

The efficient and effective operation of a cell system after the Communist model, is of course, dependent upon central direction, which means impressive organization, funding from the top, and outside support, all of which the Communists had. Obviously, American patriots have none of these things at the top or anywhere else, and so an effective cell organization based upon the Soviet system of operation is impossible.

Two things become clear from the above discussion. First, that the pyramid type of organization can be penetrated quite easily and it thus is not a sound method of organization in situations where the government has the resources and desire to penetrate the structure; which is the situation in this country. Secondly, that the normal qualifications for the cell structure based upon the Red model does not exist in the U.S. for patriots. This understood, the question arises “What method is left for those resisting state tyranny?” The answer comes from Col. Amoss who proposed the “Phantom Cell” mode of organization. Which he described as Leaderless Resistance. A system of organization that is based upon the cell organization, but does not have any central control or direction, that is in fact almost identical to the methods used by the Committees of Correspondence during the American Revolution. Utilizing the Leaderless Resistance concept, all individuals and groups operate independently of each other, and never report to a central headquarters or single leader for direction or instruction, as would those who belong to a typical pyramid organization.

At first glance, such a type of organization seems unrealistic, primarily because there appears to be no organization. The natural question thus arises as to how are the “Phantom cells” and individuals to cooperate with each other when there is no intercommunication or central direction? The answer to this question is that participants in a program of Leaderless Resistance through phantom cell or individual action must know exactly what they are doing, and how to do it. It becomes the responsibility of the individual to acquire the necessary skills and information as to what is to be done. This is by no means as impractical as it appears, because it is certainly true that in any movement, all persons involved have the same general outlook, are acquainted with the same philosophy, and generally react to given situations in similar ways. The pervious history of the committees of correspondence during the American Revolution show this to be true.

Since the entire purpose of Leaderless Resistance is to defeat state tyranny (at least insofar as this essay is concerned), all members of phantom cells or individuals will tend to react to objective events in the same way through usual tactics of resistance. Organs of information distribution such as newspapers, leaflets, computers, etc., which are widely available to all, keep each person informed of events, allowing for a planned response that will take many variations. No one need issue an order to anyone. Those idealist truly committed to the cause of freedom will act when they feel the time is ripe, or will take their cue from others who precede them. While it is true that much could be said against this type of structure as a method of resistance, it must be kept in mind that Leaderless Resistance is a child of necessity. The alternatives to it have been show to be unworkable or impractical. Leaderless Resistance has worked before in the American Revolution, and if the truly committed put it to use for themselves, it will work now.

It goes almost without saying that Leaderless Resistance leads to very small or even one man cells of resistance. Those who join organizations to play “let’s pretend” or who are “groupies” will quickly be weeded out. While for those who are serious about their opposition to federal despotism, this is exactly what is desired.

From the point of view of tyrants and would be potentates in the federal bureaucracy and police agencies, nothing is more desirable than that those who oppose them be UNIFIED in their command structure, and that every person who opposes them belong to a pyramid type group. Such groups and organizations are an easy kill. Especially in light of the fact that the Justice (sic) Department promised in 1987 that there would never be another group that opposed them that they did not have at least one informer in. These federal “friends of government” are intelligence agents. They gather information that can be used at the whim of a federal D.A. to prosecute. The line of battle has been drawn. Patriots are required therefore, to make a conscious decision to either aid the government in its illegal spying, by continuing with old methods of organization and resistance, or to make the enemies job more difficult by implementing effective countermeasures.

Now there will, no doubt, be mentally handicapped people out there who, while standing at a podium with an American flag draped in the background, and a lone eagle soaring in the sky above, will state emphatically in their best sounding red, white, and blue voice, “So what if the government is spying? We are not violating any laws.” Such crippled thinking by any serious person is the best example that there is a need for special education classes. The person making such a statement is totally out of contact with political reality in this country, and unfit for leadership of any thing more than a dog sleigh in the Alaskan wilderness. The old “Born on the fourth of July” mentality that has influenced so much of the American patriot’s thinking in the past will not save him from the government in the future. “Reeducation” for non-thinkers of this type will take place in the federal prison system where there are no flags or eagles, but abundance of men who were “not violating any law.”

Most groups who “unify” their disparate associates into a single structure have short political lives. Therefore, those movement leaders constantly calling for unity of organization rather than the desirable unity of purpose, usually fall into one of three categories.

They may not be sound political tacticians, but rather, just committed men who feel unity would help their cause, while not realizing that the government would greatly benefit from such efforts. The Federal objective, to imprison or destroy all who oppose them, is made easier in pyramid organizations. Or perhaps, they do not fully understand the struggle they are involved in and that the government they oppose has declared a state of war against those fighting for faith, folk, freedom and constitutional liberty. Those in power will use any means to rid themselves of opposition. The third class calling for unity and let us hope this is the minority of the three, are men more desirous of the supposed power that a large organization would bestow, than of actually achieving their stated purpose.

Conversely, the last thing Federal snoops would have, if they had any choice in the matter, is a thousand different small phantom cells opposing them. It is easy to see why. Such a situation is an intelligence nightmare for a government intent upon knowing everything they possibly can about those who oppose them. The Federals, able to amass overwhelming strength of numbers, manpower, resources, intelligence gathering, and capability at any given time, need only a focal point to direct their anger. A single penetration of a pyramid type of organization can lead to the destruction of the whole. Whereas, Leaderless Resistance presents no single opportunity for the Federals to destroy a significant portion of the Resistance.

With the announcement by the Department of Justice (sic) that 300 FBI agents formerly assigned to watching Soviet spies in the US (domestic counter intelligence) are now to be used to “combat crime”, the federal government is preparing the way for a major assault upon those persons opposed to their policies. Many anti-government groups dedicated to the preservation of the America of our forefathers can expect shortly to feel the brunt of a new federal assault upon liberty.

It is clear, therefore, that it is time to rethink traditional strategy and tactics when it comes to opposing a modern police state. America is quickly moving into a long dark night of police state tyranny, where the rights now accepted by most as being inalienable will disappear. Let the coming night be filled with a thousand points of resistance. Like the fog which forms when conditions are right and disappears when they are not, so must the resistance to tyranny be.

Louis Beam is a Texan white nationalist. After high-school he served as a helicopter door-gunner in Vietnam. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

UK Taxpayers £150Million Bill to Deport Illegal Aliens


Invaders sneak into a lorry in France hoping to arrive in the promised land of Great Britain so they can steal someone else’s better life for themselves.

Even when the invaders do get caught illegally entering Britain, they still get everything paid for and stay in the country for years, at a cost of £100 a day each! That is over twice the average daily wage that a working Briton gets. The British tax payer pays for all their upkeep and pays for their return journey. The least that could be done is to make the country that they came from pay for the deportation, they might actually do something to try and prevent it then.

From the Express:

The true scale of Britain’s “open door” policy is laid bare in official figures showing how 16 individuals have fought deportation for so long their bed and board alone has cost £1.5million.

They have been detained for a combined 42 years – at a cost of £100 a day each – while officials and lawyers dither over expelling them from the country.

Three are in their fourth year of detention while the others are in their third year.

Shocking Home Office figures show more than 2,700 people were being held in secure units under immigration laws at the end of last year – mainly illegal immigrants or foreign criminals awaiting deportation.

Most are destined for Algeria, Iraq, Iran or Somalia.

The huge bill for holding ­suspected illegal immigrants in detention centres runs at ­£100million a year. Another £50million goes on deportations.


The taxpayer spends £100 a day on each one of these once they arrive at their destination.

Ukip head of policy Tim Aker said yesterday: “This is another sickening and costly episode that will disgust decent law-abiding taxpayers.

“This Government would rather send out distasteful poster wagons than deal with the illegal immigration issue itself by deporting those who are here ­illegally.”

Earlier this week we reported on chaotic scenes in Calais as at least 30 desperate migrants make a bolt for Britain every night.

A makeshift camp is filled with 500 refugees and mafia gangs charge thousands of pounds for a ­passage across the Channel.

It is thought that more than 11,000 attempts have been made on Britain’s borders in the past year alone.

Dia Chakravarty, of the ­TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “These statistics will rightly anger ­taxpayers.

Not only are hard-pressed ­families paying for costly deportation but they are also footing the bill for keeping people in detention who do not have the right to be in this country.

“The detainees also have a right to timely hearings.

“Dragging these cases out is in nobody’s interest.”

The Home Office said: “Hard-working people expect and deserve an immigration system that is fair and we are determined to crack down on immigration offenders.

“When we do detain people it is for the minimum time possible.”


They wouldnt even be able to write this if it wasn’t for the free education they have received.


Pregnant woman died after “horrifying” botched surgery

In October 2011, a 32-year-old woman underwent an operation at Queen’s Hospital of London. Maria De Jesus was suffering from appendicitis and needed to have her appendix removed.

Instead, her right ovary was taken out, and De Jesus, who was 21 weeks pregnant with her fourth child at the time, ended up dying roughly three weeks later. 

Tragedy: Maria De Jesus

The case is now in front of a medical tribunal, which is weighing the medical fates of the two doctors involved, then-trainee surgeon Dr. Yahya Al-Abed, and Dr. Babatunde Coker, who was supposed to be supervising him.

Dr Yahya Al-Abed, a fifth-year trainee, had only been at the hospital for three weeks

During the Oct. 23 surgery, De Jesus began to bleed “quite heavily. In the midst of this, Mr. Al-Abed removed what he clearly believed to be the appendix. He thought he found it, removed it, and gave to a nurse what later turned out to be Patient A’s ovary,” the tribunal heard.

Coker, who was eating lunch at the time, was never summoned, nor was he aware the surgery was taking place.The mistake wasn’t uncovered until much later.

De Jesus returned to the hospital in severe pain on Nov. 7; two days later another doctor realized she still had her appendix, and the next day she went into surgery to have it actually removed. Instead, she died on the OR table, having earlier delivered a stillborn boy. Her cause of death was ruled as multiple organ failure due to septicemia. 

Dr Yahya Al-Abed admitted he made a number of errors during the procedure, including removing her right ovary instead of her appendix.

Senior surgical consultant, Dr Babatunde Coker, is accused of failing in his role by not attending theatre to carry out the surgery himself or supervising the registrar.

The mother-of-three gave birth to a still-born boy and died on the operating table on November 10 following a second operation to remove her appendix, a tribunal heard.

There were a number of other staff present in the theatre on Sunday October 23, including a young doctor “keen to get some experience”, Osman Chaudhary.

Mr Chaudhary was allowed to make the first incision, but when complications arose Mr Al-Abed took over.

"De Jesus had begun to bleed quite heavily. Something was not right," Mr Horgan said.

"In the midst of this, Mr Al-Abed removed what he clearly believed to be the appendix. He thought he found it, removed it and gave to a nurse what later turned out to be De Jesus’ ovary."

A colleague later reported that the medic “appeared reluctant to call for help” and Mr Coker was never called.

He had been in the coffee room while the operation took place and received no information it was underway.

The General Medical Council, represented by Peter Horgan, say the doctors’ treatment of Mrs De Jesus, who is referred to as Patient A at the hearing, amounted to misconduct.

"On November 9 it was discovered by another doctor that in fact the histology report showed an ovary had been removed and not the appendix.

"Tragically on November 11 Patient A gave birth to a still-born male baby."

Mrs De Jesus again consented to go under the knife and this time her appendix was removed by Mr Liao.

"But sadly later that afternoon Patient A died whilst on the operating table," Mr Horgan said.

The post-mortem concluded she had died of multiple organ failure brought on by septicemia, the panel heard.

Dr Coker admits to failing to appropriately undertake his role in not attending or supervising the operation, but denies several other similar charges.

Dr Al-Abed has admitted the majority of the charges. 

The hearing continues.


A Somalian refugee was jailed for 15 months yesterday for flouting a terrorism prevention order.

The father-of-six, 37, is known only as FF because of a High Court order granting him lifelong anonymity.

He admitted breaking the terms of a terrorism prevention measures order (TPIM) when he appeared at the Old Bailey.

The TPIM was imposed to restrict his movements as he is believed to be a risk to the public but cannot be tried or deported.